PNOĒ Metabolic Analysis Foundations Certification + Advanced Certification Bundle (includes Modules I-IV)

by Daniel Crumback

Includes Modules I-III lessons for the Foundations Certification + Module IV lessons for the Advanced Certification

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PNOĒ's Metabolic Analysis Certification Program is a comprehensive training series built to provide fitness and health professionals with the knowledge and experience required to fully harness the many benefits of metabolic testing.

By understanding how to collect and interpret data accurately, you will be able to build robust and customized training and nutrition programs tailored to your clientele's exact health and fitness limitations and goals. While this Certification Program will employ the PNOĒ metabolic analyzer, the program applies to metabolic analysis at large. The program provides education on exercise physiology, an in-depth analysis of systems critical to human performance, how to identify system specific limitations, accurately zone based upon fuel utilisation as well as how you can use test results to focus your nutrition and training programs for your customers.

Our Certification Program is built to be valuable for all health, fitness and medical professionals interested in expanding their knowledge around human physiology, metabolic testing, data analysis and evaluation, zoning, identification of cardiovascular, respiratory and muscle metabolic limitations as well as limitation and goal specific exercise and nutrition program development.

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Course Content

Module I - Foundations in Exercise Physiology
Module II - Metabolic Testing and Data Analysis
Module III - Nutrition and Exercise Prescription
Foundations Certification Exam
Module IV - Advanced Concepts in Metabolic Analysis, Testing, Nutrition and Training
Advanced Certification
"I came to work with PNOE after 10 years as a personal trainer, and while I have learned much in that time, I had no formal education in physical fitness. The PNOE education modules are well designed to address this. The material progresses from cellular biology and metabolic systems, to using the equipment, to appreciating the results, and finally culminating in how to apply this for client success. They teach you what you need to know, whether you have the schooling background or not, to ensure you're successful with the device."

David Stewart
Integrated Strength
Windsor, ON, Canada

"My wife and I started metabolic testing clients 6 years ago. It wasn't until after upgrading our testing equipment to the PNOE unit and undergoing their intensive and comprehensive lecture series that we realized that we were overlooking and underutilizing critical aspects in our analysis. PNOE's tiered teaching and educating approach enabled us to take our clients to a higher level of understanding and allowed greater ability for us to help our clients achieve their goals."

Dr. Isiah Robinson
New York, NY, USA

"I have found the level of education for the PNOE Certification in Modules 1 and 2 outstanding, in fact I didn’t’ realise there was as much capability of the system until I completed it and am now even more excited to be working with our clients with these insights."

Tom Cornish
Clinic Director
Kent, England

"The PNOĒ certification is above anything I’ve done so far (and I study Neurology of movement!). Detailed yet not boring, clear, direct and fun! Daniel is great at explaining things that otherwise would be complex."

Pablo Aguilar
Central Point, OR, USA

"Just purchased the PNOE unit a little bit ago, working my way through the modules. The content so far has been a blast to simply consume as well as finding it very understandable and easy to digest. As you state, needing to re-watch the videos two & three times is certainly advisable as I find new side-notes to make in addition to your well formulated module notes you've put together. I can already see, finding ways to communicate the importance as well as the science to the clients will be fundamental in the process of building a client pool and acquiring others. Your example right off the bat of introducing the cardiovascular system as having either plumbing or electrical issues is certainly an example I can pull from so far. Explaining through the lens of that will definitely provide a clearer picture of possible issues/limitations people will see on our reports. Really appreciate it and excited to begin this journey."

Brian Heep
Crossover Health-Jeffersonville

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